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All About What We Do

Senior Benefits Alliance is made up of a team of well-versed benefits specialists who are highly trained in providing you with exceptional coverage and services.

Denial of Coverage

Are you being denied coverage for health needs?

Do you need access to providers not in your plan's network?

Dental, Vision, Hearing and Other Extra Benefits

Do you need dental services, including dentures?

Are you unable to access and afford new glasses?

Could you benefit from a hearing evaluation and a new set of hearing aids?

Would you benefit from transportation services, a personal emergency alert system,

monthly Over-The- Counter allowances and other benefits?



Have you had Medicaid at one point but lost it?

Have you given up trying to get the help you qualify for?


Help with Prescription and Doctor Co-Pays

Are you struggling to afford your medications?  

Do you avoid getting the care you need as you are unable to afford the cost of care?  

Are you struggling to afford your insulin?


We are here to help.



We are a full-service agency with years of experience managing a wide range of benefit needs.

We believe that every person deserves to receive exceptional assistance and have access to the care they need.

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All About Our Agency

Giving You Peace of Mind

At Senior Benefits Alliance, we seek to improve the lives of our clients by improving their access to and understanding of the health plans and programs that are available to them.

As an insurance agency, our expertise is in helping Medicare members with added focus on low-income members of the community.  Sadly, these individuals are often the ones who are skipped over or taken advantage of while also being in the greatest need of help.

SBA helps thousands of Kentucky and Indiana residents every year to sort through the maze of private and public solutions to help our clients arrive at the best, most complete solution for their individual scenario.

Since the start, we have been working hard to find better ways to serve you. We are your Medicare experts. We offer a free benefits eligibility check for all Medicare beneficiaries.  This service is offered at no cost to you.

We offer a wide range of Medicare products and unparalleled customer support when you need it the most.

We can help you find the extra layer of help and protection that you have been looking for.

Your search ends today.

Drop us a line.