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Do you have Medicare and are looking for additional coverage?

Your Well-being Comes First

We are a full-service agency with years of experience managing a wide range of benefit needs. We pride ourselves in prioritizing your access to care and benefits needs - FIRST and FOREMOST.

Original Medicare only covers 80% of medical costs and unfortunately does not cover dental, vision, or hearing benefits.  It also does not offer wellness benefits that can be covered by additional plans. We will be happy to help you find a plan that is specific to your needs.

Denial of Coverage

Are you being denied coverage for health needs? Do you need access to providers not in your plan's network?

Dental, Vision, Hearing and Other Extra Benefits

Do you need dental services, including dentures?

Are you unable to access and afford new glasses?

Could you benefit from a hearing evaluation and a new set of hearing aids?

Would you benefit from transportation services, a personal emergency alert system,

monthly Over-The- Counter allowances and other benefits?


Have you had Medicaid at one point but lost it?

Have you given up trying to get the help you qualify for?

Help with Prescription and Doctor Co-Pays

Are you struggling to afford your medications?  

Do you avoid getting the care you need as you are unable to afford the cost of care?  

Are you struggling to afford your insulin?

We are here to help.